In stunning moments
of simple grace and beauty,

  "Glass has been an inspiration and a challenge for me on many levels. It has been an incredibly personal, and public process. For over two decades I have pushed myself to explore what I could do with this material"  said Cia.

There is energy in heat. Energy in creation. Energy in process. By heating glass to a liquid state and letting it drip onto the "canvas", Cia lets the energy of creation emerge in her work. Work that increases in meaning the longer you examine it. 

Cia has been reinventing the architecture of glass for over 30 years. After training at the California College of the Arts, Cia later attended Pilchuck to study under the renowned glass maestro Pino Signoretto. The number of glass artists she has worked with is too many to name; Cia continues to expand at every opportunity. Her abstract series has combine glass and graphite with steal. The figurative pieces have been a thread for over 20 years. More recently she is combining figurative work with abstract patterns. She has been an integral part of Santa Fe's artist community, working at many of the glass facilities as well as collaboration with other artists when glass is used in their work. Teaching and selling her art has been the steady work and participating in not for profits or just being physical is her distraction.  Please view her work in Santa Fe at 

 Keep Contemporary,   Shelby House, &

 Liquid Light Glass

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