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Abstract Blox series 2020

Building Blox

Building Blox 2020


The Building Blox series has grown out of dissecting the sea shell. This makes sense when you are developing work by creating then cutting up your work, finding and following the most interesting developments coming out of the pieces.

Almost instinctively when I started dissecting and putting this series together, an immediate connection between the relationship the architecture of the buildings in Mexico city filled in my inspirational justification of this work. A visit to Mexico city in November 2019 was filled with museums and a plethora of avant-garde architecture, like the highly complex organic shape of Museo Soumaya.

When I cut a hand blown glass shell in half the two sides became a fibonacci-esq amminite shape. Through layering colors and unwinding the curl this series began. Presently correcting and adjusting the development of this series is in full swing. We will see the development through 2020. 

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